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We are a team of digital creative professionals, passionate about partnering with startups and other businesses to design, develop, launch and refine their digital products.

Meet our team.

A multidisciplinary and talented team that loves collaboration. We focus on sharing your vision, dreams and ideas. We also love music, food and bikes.

Marcelo Angel


Federico Fogel


Ariel Mataitis


Camila Mejía

Customer Success Manager

Leandro Longo

Lead Designer

Tom Elizalde

Delivery Manager

Mili Cornejo

Project Manager

Camila Enrique


Ian Rueff

Product Designer

Luciano Dichiara

Frontend Developer

Osh Grassi

Branding Coordinator

Martin Dicovsky

Admin Manager

Fran Lo Giudice


Xavier Nadal

UX/UI Consultant

Camila Bugni


Daniel Lerner

Solutions Architect

Julian Grau

Financial Director
A day
at Hakuna

Culture values.

Our values define us as individuals and as a team. A frame of rules from which we develop our work, culture and brand.
  • 1

    # 1

    Stay positive

  • 2

    # 2

    Always deliver more than expected

  • 3

    # 3

    Be humble and honest

  • 4

    # 4

    Every idea counts

  • 5

    # 5

    Always trust your team

  • 6

    # 6

    Take risks

  • 7

    # 7

    Never stop learning

  • 8

    # 8

    Bad feedback is good feedback

  • 9

    # 9

    Own your work

  • 10

    # 10

    Work hard and
    have fun